We live in a time where creating margin (meeting the bottom line, performing and being driven) surpasses the focus we pay to our mission. Destiny Crossing is a two day, highly interactive, life changing event designed to connect you with your mission so you can live true to your core values, passion and purpose. Some call it finding your true voice or living at true north, we refer to it as it living in significance. When mission with margin intersect, we are passionately engaged, focused and energized. This is where new skills, behaviors, and habits emerge and where we can break through contraints and find new freedom.

The journey begins by understanding your personal history, identifying your dreams, and understand how to manage your internal state. From this place, you will learn how your passion and purpose are linked to your history, and how to influence your future so you can live a life of significance.

You will gain new insights into your life and learn how to leverage your strengths to create plans that succeed. To ensure your success, we will learn how to develop your success team, work with a peer partners, and a coach to reach your goals.

-Those experiencing a personal, career, or business transition
-Business Leaders and Professionals
-Executives & Entrepreuers
-Emerging Leaders
-Coaches and HR professionals
-People and organizations who want to connect or re-connect with their core passion to become more effective

We will cover the 7 Keys to Signficance:
1. The Power of Vision - fulfilling your Dreams
2. Manage your State
3. The Power of Passion with Purpose
4. Live from your Value Specific Identity
5. Leverage your Personal History to create new outcomes
6. Establish your Intent and Plan
7. Develop a Team and work with a Coach
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